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B2B companies are looking for smarter ways to understand how their product and service information on the website are being utilized by potential customers. They want to gain valuable insights on product and service demand analytics.

Marketing and Sales groups will find it immensely useful to be able to identify the Companies visiting the website and showing interest on the products and services. They want to collect qualified business leads to drive their sales efforts.

LogiKlu identifies Companies visiting a website and qualifies them as business leads by analyzing activities during their stay on the website. One of the key benefits of LogiKlu is that it is able to provide business leads for "individual products" by deep analytics of activities and actions taken at the product level. And subscribers of LogiKlu can dig deeper to peel a few more layers of data to review levels of engagement and depth of interest. LogiKlu offers ways to add specific target Companies to the Watch List, monitor their needs and interest and be alerted on their visit.

The concept of LogiKlu stemmed from the realization that Marketing and Sales teams in B2B companies are not getting enough actionable insights on product demand and business leads from most web analytics software solutions.

During my stint in the semiconductor industry, both in Marketing and Business Unit management, I missed having a tool that could provide meaningful insights on the utilization of digital assets on the website and deliver qualified business leads. These “deployed assets” could be a great source of business intelligence. But most website analytics solutions seem to focus more on potency of Ad Words, Heat Maps and plethora of generic traffic statistics leaving a huge vacuum in deciphering “depth of engagement” with specific products to filter Hot leads. This led to the development of LogiKlu, a website analytics tool that marketing and sales team have been seeking perhaps for a very long time.

Subrata Chatterji, Founder, LogiKlu Analytics

The “Executive Dashboard” provides ready-to-use snapshots, easily viewed on your mobile device – “analytics on the go”. Every detailed report in LogiKlu has been designed simplistically yet meaningfully for the end user’s direct use.

The Product Lead Report offered with Lead Levels based on “Level of Engagement” and “Depth of Interest” is designed to be a great tool for Marketing and Sales to see each potential customer’s interest in specific products and plan for the future. Every click, every action, every move and every minute of stay on the website get considered in determining the levels of engagement and depth of interest in being a hot lead. Additional information on new versus repeat customers, sources of inbound traffic and various web behavioral aspects offer a thorough analysis of prospective leads for products.

LogiKlu web analytics is a strategic marketing tool conceived by marketers for marketers.

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