Sales Intelligence Automation



Sales teams are always looking for warm leads to grow sales. Marketing teams are looking for better understanding of trends, demands and depth of engagement. Both teams want leads and insights to be accompanied by actionable intelligence. And they want the information to be delivered to them without organizational bottlenecks and extra work. Right?

But most available tools make analytics way too complex and create more information silos, data bureaucracy and power circles in the organization.

LogiKlu is a simple, nimble, smart marketing and sales intelligence solution that works seamlessly across all devices, desktop or mobile. It delivers high efficiency in identification, selection and pursuit of business opportunities while reducing the cost of customer acquisition. While helping Sales Teams fill the sales funnel, it equips them to be more effective without dependency on organizational resources.  

LogiKlu not only delivers warm leads with detailed product/service insights from the website directly to the sales team, it also collects inputs on the target opportunities from them to create a opportunity intelligence hub to drive sales. Real time progress of each evolving target opportunity can be conveniently checked from mobile devices.

Marketing teams benefit significantly by understanding how the target audience is engaging with the information on the website. It delivers actionable intelligence on individual White Papers, Technical Papers, Product Literature, Videos etc. that potential clients utilize to find a fit. It is an effective way to appraise product/service demand by country and company, categorized by periods of time. This enables more effective utilization of marketing dollars by product, region, fiscal year, etc.

Identification of Companies Visiting a Website

Know the companies visiting the website and their location. Segregate predetermined Partners, Competitors and Peers from Sales Leads.

Warm Leads for Individual Product or Service

Receive qualified leads for each individual product or service offering – Company Name and Location; segregated by products, sales region, and sales personnel.

Insights on Sales Leads

Understand preferences, needs and areas of interest of potential customers and existing ones. Check their journey with flagged areas of interest.

Insights on Customers, Partners and Distributors

See how Clients, Partners and Distributors are using the website resources and their areas of interest. See how distributors are sending traffic to the website to review product and service information.

Inputs from Team Members on Target Opportunities

LogiKlu works as an “Opportunity Intelligence Hub” to deliver leads and demand insights directly to the Sales Team and collect inputs on target opportunities from them with least effort. It can be used on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone. No unwieldy data management. Built for quick action on target business opportunities easily throughout the Engagement Cycle.

Executive Summary of Opportunities by Sales Quarter

View Management Report with status of each target business opportunity updated by assigned Salesperson; available anytime, anywhere right when it is needed.

Smart, Simple and Mobile

Use it intuitively without any training, anytime, anywhere. Easy to use for the salesperson, whether on desktop or mobile device. Whether it is checking on sales leads or adding status inputs, it is a breeze! 

Digital Asset Utilization

Equip your marketing team with insights on utilization of digital assets such as brochures, product literature, video, and downloadable software on the website to understand product demand and guide resource planning. 

Watch List with Alerts

Add specific companies, products and marketing assets to your Watch List to be alerted of activities.

Product Demand Analytics

Develop better appreciation of demand of product and services by hierarchical organization of your company. 

Interest Appraisal

Get a quick snapshot of companies showing general interest, by geography, industry and types of organization. Check out demand trends right from your mobile phone.

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