LogiKlu offers simple, clean, meaningful data to understand customer preferences, interests and potential demand on a B2B product website. You can delve into layers of details on each visitor showing interest on each individual product.

There are special reports on Product Analytics, Inbound Traffic and Engagement Indicators that help understand visitor interest on specific products, response to email campaigns and status of conversions. LogiKlu is easy to use and simple to set data preferences, The Executive Dashboard is ready-to-use from the get go.

  • Executive Dashboard

    Effective Snapshots of important sections on a single page for "Analytics on the go".

  • Identify Companies

    Identify Companies, Universities, Government Orgs. visiting the website. View details on their areas of interest.

  • Review Product Demand

    Track individual products on your website - most or least popular, trends, etc. Check actions taken on each product.

  • Review Digital Asset Usage

    Track digital assets like images, data sheets, app notes etc. to understand level of interest in products.

  • Dig deeper on each Visitor

    Delve into several layers of data collected on each visitor to understand source, preference, recency, frequency and interest.

  • Add Companies to Watch List

    Add target companies of interest or potential leads to a Watch List to review all their moves on a special report.

  • Get Alerts on Target Visitors

    Know when your competitors or business leads come to your site, even when you are not watching. Logiklu will notify you instantly.

  • Customize Settings

    You can configure many settings to match your needs and even define the levels of interest and hot leads based on your business.

  • Review Traffic Comparisons

    Get day to day, week to week, month to month quick comparisons on traffic to see fluctuation due to special event or action or announcements.

  • Check Hot Leads obn Products

    See a list of filtered hot leads based on the level of engagement and interest expressed on the website. Get it for individual products to help your Sales Team.

  • Check Effect of Events

    Mark special dates on a Calendar to watch the traffic trends triggered by any special event such as Press Release or an event. Drill down to the level of individual visitors.

  • Check Visitor Trends

    Monitor visitors by dates, popular pages, geographies, bounce rates and many other parameters. All of which helps understand your site's traffic trends and decide on future actions.

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